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Backer build 3 is released

Hello generals!

We're excited to provide access to the next major Backer build 3. The game has changed a lot in every aspect. The patch includes the entire American campaign. Many things you knew and used before began to work differently. Many new features have been added, a new economic rebalance has been made (still needs some work). Natives, European nations and many new game mechanics appeared.

Thank you for your support and faith in our common game, because thanks to you we can make it better.

Here is a funny video describing the game:

Patch notes v0.2.19 rev.50625 BB3:

- changed mechanics of project boost for reputation. Now you can boost only at the end of the project when 20 days are left and the cost per day was increased too.

- further reduced the frequency of sea invasions by difficulty. Note this change only applies to sea invasions generated going forward on existing saves.

- reduced frequency and increased requirements to generate the king's fury event.

- added a sea invasion warning message that displays 10 days before the invasion appears on the map. Reinforcements and other events that generate troop deliveries by sea will not display this message.

- fix skirmishers not holding fire

- display an exhausted notification if the unit can't charge or chase

- full US campaign

- end game logic and result calculation

- fixed stolen ship price

- fixed reinforcement in tactical battle

- performance improves

- better visualization of capturing, looting, or destroying locality/village

- better visualization for surrendered units

- rework of low-rank officers. Now they are specialists and are required for town buildings

- added market buildings that produce pure income

- added tax officer buildings

- rebalance of provision production and buildings can produce provision

- rebalance of resource production. Added complexity of mining that will affect the extracted volume

- mining will cost some expenses

- unit losses will affect hometown loyalty

- rebalance of loyalty flow

- rebalance of taxes, impact on loyalty

- added button for fast switch between player's towns

- fixed issue with reinforcement when it moved to the center of the tactical map

- added more tactical battle maps and their size is increased for massive battles

- improvements in reward hints in events

- rework of battle flow on the global map

- a lot of balance work in tactical battle

- improvements of research trees for HQ departments

- natives

- European nations

- multinational tactical battles

- native tribes mercenaries that can be hired in the territory where they live

- and many other fixes, improvements, and new bugs

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