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Hotfix v0.2.20 rev.50657 and Patch v0.2.21 rev.50710

Hello Generals,

We work to fix all reported issues. Here are the first results from today. Tomorrow we will continue to stabilize Backer Build 3.

Hotfix v0.2.20 rev.50657

  • Fixed the general getting stuck in the garrison

  • Balance the cost of ships so that production gives at least 100% profit from mined resources and 50% from bought at market.

  • Review economics - mining cost gives you 200% profit if you sell resources and an additional 2x if you produce something and sell it.

  • Added the ability to disband mercenaries

  • Balance the price of mercenaries

  • Reworking the effect of unit losses on home city loyalty. Now the big city practically does not feel these losses, while at the same time the small city mourns the dead.

  • Reworking the effect of home city loyalty on a unit. If the home city has too low loyalty, the unit may rebel.

  • Edited descriptions of unit perks. Still in progress

  • Interface edits based on your reports

  • Fixed Zerg rush of European allies destroying the British fleet

  • Fixed missing sea victories in global statistics

  • Adding to the research the ability to reduce the cost of mining and production self-costs. Still in progress

  • Fixed various errors from your reports

Patch v0.2.21 rev.50710

- Rebalance the number of slots in settlements

- Rebalance of available buildings in settlements

- Loyalty won't drop from slave units casualties, deserters won't decrease loyalty in hometown

- Increase loot duration and increased weapon recovery

- fix dragoons not being able to equip infantry cabinet

- increase population growth

- different minor fixes

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