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Patch v0.1.33 rev.48496 BB1

- Rework melee in tactical battles. Massive melee against a single unit won't have a dramatic effect.

- Rebalance cover effect to help to utilize better forest.

- Fort will get better fortifications against massive melee.

- Different improvements and fixes in global map AI

- Invasion system rework. Now it will trigger with less frequency but the size of the army will be bigger, which will increase the level of threat.

- Removed unit betraying from sabotage events

- Loot volume rebalance

- Fixed invisible event crash

- Different minor fixes and new bugs

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Hello, I don't really understand the mechanics of resources, whatever I do I don't see any resources, do you have any tips? Nothing is indicated on your tutorial videos? is this a bug?


feels good that developement is so active; this game is going to be great!!! Love civil war and this one will be a gem in the future. Good Job guys


That was my common victorious tactics the massive meelee attacks of forts! (((


With this rework of melee and fort upgrade against melee will surely make early US start quite challenging. As preferred method so far was 3-4 militia units (with civilian muskets) against an unit of red coats... oh my, oh my... That will be interesting 4th playthrough of the campaign indeed. Also, with this changes enemy artillery crews will be terrifying as 3 vs 1 is a must when charging arty... looking forward to testing it :)

This rework will make those 240 dragoons stationed in Boston an absolute power house. So far I could take Boston by mid May (at the latest) with similar number of troops (1:1), but now... as I said, oh my, oh my...

On the third…


Dragoons are insanely OP, my whole 6k army was destroyed by them single handedly.

Replying to

I covered from the in the forests that helped me once

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