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Patch notes from Discord for the last few months

Minor patch

Increase NY population

Fixed often invasion for Spain and France

Fixed issues with frozen units on the global map

Fixed issue with reinforcement in tactical battle

Reduced the time between the opportunity to assemble the Foreign Relations Committee

Different minor fixes and improvements

Minor patch

Fixed issue with enormous specialist generation

Minor patch

Improved events in the latest stage of the US campaign

Improved cases when units walk on water or frozen

Different minor fixes and improvements

Minor patch

Improved events in the US campaign

Balance of difficulty and invasions

Many fixes of your reports

fixed custom battles

Hello Generals!

Here is a first release candidate for Steam.

destroyable settlements by natives. Natives can destroy settlements. You can restore it later or even build new ones in place of the abandoned ones in far frontier

deployment stage improvements

improvements of events in 1778-1780

foreign nations will attack settlements in case of landing

fixed selection of enemy units

minimap improvements

fixed missing founder edition panel

many fixes and rebalancing

Hello Generals, we would like to offer you the new patch v0.2.37 rev.51548.

deployment mode, early implementation

improvement of units' selection, drawing of a path in the tactical battle

performance optimization on the full global map

units will get morale bonus if their home town is captured

1778-1780 new events creating escalation between US, natives, France and Spain

minimap improvement

improved navigation on the global map

unit commands on the global map will be saved now

unit will leave battle on the border of map in the tactical battle if it starts to retreat

ui and different issues are fixed

visual improvements of units, selection etc. many different fixes

added defensive mode for tactical battles, if ai is weaker it will try to select defense positions

quest generator fixed

fixed garrison damage on the global map

end game condition now checks key towns and if they are captured, then victory or defeat will appear immediately

-many other changes, fixes, and improvements. Added new issues as always

Known issue: French and Spanish troops in case of war between them and the US are static. It will be fixed in the next patch.

Deployment mode development will continue the next week.

Hello generals! Here is a new patch v0.2.31 rev.51146

  • new locality panel

  • new region panel

  • you can build and demolish region constructions directly in the region panel

  • improved unit positions in a fort

  • you can assign weapons for arty crew

  • church loyalty impact decrement fix and rebalance

  • granary effects rebalance

  • Forts have a church effect, decrement of negative loyalty effect

  • different fixes and new problems

We are working to add defensive AI into tactical battles. If AI feels that a player is stronger, AI will change tactics and try to build a defense. Also, we actively create British campaign and related mechanics. 

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