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Patch v0.1.29 rev.48364 BB1

1. Improved charge in tactical battles

2. Manual fallback has been added

3. Fixed exceptions that caused unexpected issues with LoS and other places

4. Improved visualization of prisoners of war mechanics

5. Further difficulty re-balance. Canada's British reinforcements were re-balanced.

6. Fixed a bug that did not finish the sabotage effect.

7. Minor fixes and new bugs.

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Patch notes from Discord for the last few months

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  1. Drastically lower the unit scaling for the British. When the map opens up for a third time the British spawn with over 30,000 troops !! How the hell am I supposed to combat that? Mind you this is on EASY MODE!. I can barely keep an army of 10k troops efficiently .

  2. The economy is drastically broken. It is impossible to amass enough money early in the game to fund your army. I found myself constantly in debt trying to stay afloat. The game does a bad job actually explaining how the economy works. Especially with resources. It is simply too hard to stay out of debt. How am I supposed to take on 50,000k troops when I can only…


Totally agree with anyone saying the scaling/difficulty is out of whack. The game is fun, but waaay too difficult current state. Please continue to re-balance.


I've been playing for a little over a week. Here is my opinion (again, my opinion).

  1. Research is very slow (hopefully this improves much like dreadnoughts).

  2. Balance has better getting better with every update. (I still get wrecked and start a new campaign after British land more forces and sweep my back line).

  3. Economy has proven difficult, especially with slower research. I'm assuming selling furs, wagons, weapons, etc into the economy is how you are supposed to keep up but I always fall short.

  4. Building. The .01 (or .1 can't remember) is extremely slow. I actually thought I had a bug due to building being damaged for a month or two without progress, however after six months or so the…

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The economy metrics are also so broken. I am constantly in debt regardless of how I play. The British outnumber you 5 to 1 its impossible to compete. Please make this game easier.

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Did you captured Ticonderoga?


I win all skirmish battles, battle of Saratoga left! Not too hard as somebody say, just concentrate your units closer to renforcements way and use covers and meelee atacks when you have local domination! Very nice game! Looks like on old battle pictures of ancient artists!

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