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Patch v0.1.31 rev.48428 BB1

1. Further balance of difficulty

2. Improves in global map AI. AI won't send troops to different sides when the troops are required to protect the town. AI won't retreat through the player's troops in most cases, you can surround and enforce surrender.

3. Rework of the save system. Decreasing the chance of breaking your save if something is changed in campaign content.

4. Invasion army size will depend on difficulty.

5. Cavalry manual fallback in tactical battle.

6. Fix of muskets disappearing after editing troops.

7. Minor fixes and new bugs

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Now the Redcoats are sitting in Boston and are afraid to show their nose from there! They are well aware that they have no chance, although there are so many empty cities around! )))

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Its become significantly easy! In the beginning I left Leister, Providence, Newport, Middleborough and Portsmouth and retreat to Hartford to save my army as I did before, but redcoats did just one lazy attempt to recapture Leister although they have 6000 in Boston and I have only 3000. They dont even try to capture Portsmout that I left long time ago! As you wish!

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I keep having a problem with hearing an event sound, and the map freezing and not being able to do anything but alt tab and close the game. Is this an issue for anyone else?

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Antwort an

Never freezed

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The market is expensive as hell and research needs a shorter time. Plus, A.I. command and set up before battle would be appreciative.

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Also at the initial stages of the campaign, I sent my general to withdraw militia groups from the encircled cities. I had to take them out through forests and swamps to avoid meeting redcoats, yes, I suffered some losses, but I took them to Hartford, now my army has increased, and I was able to leave even garrisons on the supply routes.

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