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Patch v0.1.23 rev.48199 BB1

Thank you Generals for your support. You are again on the first line doing the impossible. We appreciate that!

We have prepared an update. As we continue to make and improve the game, you may encounter bugs in completely unexpected places.

The update includes:

1. Correction of the ability to start a tactical battle

2. Fixed freezing in the final window, and added statistics

3. Reduce difficulty on normal and easy levels. Britain will have fewer troops and send fewer of them.

4. Improvement in AI retreat on the global map

5. Cavalry melee combat has been rebalanced. Other units will be less dependent on their condition in melee battle.

6. Improved interface in the headquarters, because players could not understand that there is a research tree in each department

7. Added tutorial videos to the menu

8. Fixed arrows for ghost units in delayed reports

9. Various minor fixes and improvements.

10. Improved British sabotage events - rebellion and betrayer.

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