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Build v0.1.58 rev.49439 BB2

Major Changes

  • New campaign content is available through 15th June, 1777. You can continue any game save prior to 12th August, 1776. 

  • Reduced frequency of sea invasions and increased loot recovery on lower difficulties.

  • Global map minimap now shows battles and invasions.

  • Weather now has a larger impact on desertion and disease has a larger impact on casualties.

  • Reworked many elements of tactical battles.

  • Many bug fixes including issues with artillery replenishment, stat gains not carrying over from tactical battles, and cavalry.

  • Added many additional elements that will be used for further campaign phases.

General Improvements

  • Land tactical battles will now be available for lopsided battles. An indicator will be displayed if the AI is likely to attempt to retreat from these battles.

  • Improved global map AI behavior

  • Increased time before battle loot disappears

  • Improvements to company and weapon tooltips.

  • Game will now pause on the global map after exiting a tactical battle.

  • Added a new indicator for units that are charging.

  • More information displayed for prisoners captured in naval battles

  • Can now produce the same item multiple times so that more factories can be allocated.

  • Improved naval custom battles.

  • AI artillery will try to setup closer to the enemy line so that it is more often near supporting infantry.

General Balance

  • Reworked surrender formula to account for more factors and make surrenders more likely.

  • Improved militia’s shooting ability.

  • Restricted rifles to skirmishers.

  • Adjust production and market prices of weapons and ships. It should now generally be profitable to sell produced items.

  • Reputation change from crew damage in naval battles reduced relative to ship type.

  • Invasion fleets now contain troop transports.

  • Captured ships will sell for less.

  • When ships are repaired multiple times their maximum armor, hull, and speed will decrease.

Tactical Battles

  • Reworked muskets and rifles to have longer range and better damage at shorter ranges.

  • Several changes to volleys so that units are more likely to get off a damaging volley against chargers.

  • Expanded flanking angles.

  • Small decrease in speed of non-supply units.

  • Increased penalties for low condition.

  • Increased condition regen rate and adjusted condition drain rates for most units.

  • Increase damage taken by cavalry and artillery units.

  • Decrease damage taken by skirmishers.

  • Reduce range at which units will get pulled into melee.

  • Increased damage to routing units and reduced their melee strength.

  • Fallback should now allow all unit types to attempt to escape melee.

  • Charges will now continue if the target routs and will end early if the charger is exhausted.

  • Units will no longer chase or charge when exhausted.

  • Added condition, morale, and distance restrictions for AI charges.

  • Firing will now temporarily make unit’s easier to spot.

  • Reworked the chance for units to permanently retreat when they rout.

  • Artillery shot damage area now depends on the caliber of cannon.

  • Heavier cannon now move slower.

  • Reworked canister to increase range, reduce chance to miss, and decrease damage at longer ranges.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix issue that was causing cavalry and routing units to take very low melee damage.

  • Fix company stat gains not transferring to their regiments.

  • Fixed several bugs related to artillery hp and replenishment.

  • Fixed ghost officers in HQ and units.

  • Fixed many other crashes and issues based on your reports.

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